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The lush landscape in Nagaland, India, lies the village of Khonoma that is an icon of sustainable living and an center of an unforgettable birding experience. The first Indian green village Khonoma is a birding paradise that offers visitors an intimate experience with the nation’s most rare and exotic bird species. This article will guide you through the wonder and enchantment of birding tours in this picturesque village.

Khonoma’s Green Expanse

Before you dive in the realm of birdlife, it’s crucial to know the distinctive nature and culture of Khonoma. The area covers around 120 square miles, the 700-year-old village is an example of the Angami tribe’s efforts to protect the environment. Through the ban on hunting and logging The villagers have created the area as a refuge for many bird species, which makes it an ideal place for birdwatchers.khonoma village

Birds of Khonoma

Naga Wren-Babbler

The diverse ecosystems found in Khonoma including alder trees to its terraced fields, are home to many species of birds. A few of the highlights are:

Blyth’s Tragopan: This striking bird is known for its vibrant plumage and is often spotted in the forests around Khonoma. It’s a species of pheasant and is a sought-after sight for birdwatchers.

Naga Wren-Babbler: This tiny bird is endemic to Nagaland and can be found in the undergrowth of the forests around Khonoma. It’s known for its distinctive call and is a unique species for bird enthusiasts.

Beautiful Nuthatch: As the name suggests, this bird is known for its striking appearance with vibrant colors. It’s a small bird that can be found in the forests and woodlands of Khonoma.

Grey Sibia

Blue-eared Kingfisher: This colorful kingfisher is often found near water bodies and streams in the region. Its bright blue and orange plumage make it a beautiful sight for birdwatchers.

Rufous-necked Hornbill: Khonoma is also home to the Rufous-necked Hornbill, a large and distinctive bird with a colorful casque on its bill. It can be seen flying through the forests and is an important species for the local ecosystem.

Grey Sibia: This bird is known for its striking grey and white plumage and is often found in the forests of Khonoma. It’s known for its melodious song and can be seen foraging for insects and fruits.

Black-throated Parrotbill: This unique bird with a black throat and a distinctively long tail can be found in the bamboo thickets and shrubby areas of Khonoma.

Long-tailed Sibia: This bird is known for its long tail and striking coloration. It’s often seen in the upper canopy of the forests in Khonoma.

Green-tailed Sunbird: As the name suggests, this sunbird is known for its green tail feathers and can be spotted feeding on nectar from flowers in the region.

Crested Finchbill: This bird has a distinctive crest on its head and can be seen in the trees and shrubs of Khonoma.

Crested Finchbill

Mountain Bamboo Partridge: A bird that lives in the ground, it’s frequently found in the undergrowth, and can be identified by its distinctive calls.

Naga Wren-Babbler: Almost a mythical bird native to the area, its appearance is regarded as a point of pride for all birders.

These are just a few examples of the birds which are known to call Khonoma home. Each visit promises different sightings, making every tour a unique experience.

Ideal Birdwatching Spots

Blue-eared Kingfisher

The whole region is a paradise for birdwatchers but there are some areas that stand out.

Dzuko Valley: Located near Khonoma This valley has many bird species which makes it an ideal location for bird watching.

Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary (KNCTS) The sanctuary, which was established by the village’s community is specifically designed to safeguard Blyth’s Tragopan and its habitat.

The Best Time to Visit

The most favorable time for a Khonoma birding tour is during the early spring (March to May) and late autumn (October to November). These months offer a pleasant climate and the maximum possibility of spotting diverse species, as many birds are in their breeding season or on their migratory route. Look at our itineraries for Khonoma Village here.

The Birding Experience

The tour begins at dawn, birding excursions in Khonoma is a peaceful experience. As the first rays from the sun begin to hit these hills, the town awakes to the sound of chirps, tweets and harmonies. The tour is led by local experts who have spent their lives in the midst of and understanding the birds, visitors will be treated to a truly authentic experience.

When you walk along the narrow trails, in the shade of alder trees and in the fields that are terraced Every area of Khonoma promises a new adventure. Guides are able to, thanks to their keen eyes and ears are able to identify species that are often lost to the untrained eye. Their tales of local legends and folklore that are associated with these birds create an intriguing thread to the entire experience.

Beautiful Nuthatch

The Heartbeat of Khonoma

What makes the birding excursion in Khonoma distinct is the commitment of the locals to conservation. By incorporating sustainable practices into their daily lives, ranging from the land to waste management they’ve ensured that birds are safe.

Tourists are usually educated on these practices, which makes them take pleasure in the sights even more. It’s not only about spotting an uncommon bird, it’s about recognizing the effort involved in preserving the habitat it inhabits.

Combining Birding with Culture

What makes Khonoma from other places is the possibility of soaking oneself in local Angami tradition. Visitors can experience traditional dances, eat local cuisine, and learn about the rich history of the village. The cultural exchange enhances the bird watching experience which makes it unforgettable in many ways.

Bugun Liocichla


In the middle in Nagaland, Khonoma offers more than a simple birding trip It offers a unique experience that is rooted in culture, nature and sustainability. It’s a testimony to the possibilities that can be created when a community unites to preserve its natural environment. If you’re an experienced birdwatcher or just a beginner the experience of a birdwatching tour in Khonoma promises discovering, learning and admiration for the beauty of nature.

The next time you’re contemplating an adventure in birding take a moment to let the hills of Khonoma be a part of your mind and be ready to be enthralled by the songs of its avian residents.


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